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GB: Honda is the Swindon plant, 3,500 jobs are at risk

The Honda automaker Honda declines the Swindon plant in the United Kingdom in 2022, which threatens 3,500 jobs and is a new blow to the country in the country; beat up to Brexit, said Monday, February 18, a British MP.

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The Japanese Honda automaker switches to Swindon's Swine in the UK in 2022, which threatens 3,500 jobs. Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

The closure of his / her plant in the southwest end of the country was published by Sky News and the BBC, and then confirmed by Conservative MP Swindon, Justin Tomlison, on his Twitter account. The latter states that Honda has been told of the decision that, in his opinion, is determined by the global vehicle context and is not related to Brexit. The Japan group aims to reinforce its European production in Japan in 2021. The member said that he does not affect work or representation by doing so; closing to a plane, which is a & # 39; create a civic sediment. Over 150,000 vehicles are made annually and issued to over 70 countries.

"At this stage, we can not comment on these examples, " a spokesman for Honda said in a statement sent to AFP. "We take our responsibilities to our employees very seriously and we will always contact them at the beginning of any important news". It is expected that its organization will be decided by Tuesday morning, the media said. "It's a horrible news for Swindon, I think Swindon is giving up without Honda, that's my opinion, my husband has been working there for 20 years. , he ends up without work. "Sue Davis, 49, responded together in Swindon.

According to Sky News, Honda will hold its European headquarters in Bracknell (South West England) and its Formula 1 team in the United Kingdom. The decision for the Swindon site is the closing closure of the British government. struggling to be & # 39; Preserving the country despite Brexit's fog and its worries; A business with regards to leaving EU unanimously. In the early February, the Japanese Nissan had been in & # 39; Believe by sending X-Trail at a & # 39; his plant in Sunderland (North East of England), and then generating the Brexit indirectly.

At the end of January, Airbus warned about "very painful" decisions in the Brexit case without agreement, as long as the Sony virtual Samsung real estate has decided on European headquarters to Holland. In addition to Brexit, the UK equipment department is shaken with many challenges, with diesel uncertainty against deeper regulation, or slowing down in the Chinese market. The British actor Jaguar Land Rover declared earlier this year that 4,500 jobs or 10% of their employees were removed. And the 1,000 Americans will give over 1,000 jobs in the country as part of a broad reorganization of European activities.


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