Grand Prix de France (Gr.I): Structure of gala

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Grand Prix de France (Gr.I): Structure of gala

Taken as a reward for the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I), the Grand Prix de France 2019 promises to be inspiring, despite the low number of beginners (11). The key practices, including Jean-Michel Bazire, Boss Josselyn, have all the favorable numbers behind the autobuser. Everything that's similar to living for fun is good!

Recently the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I) won at the end
an amazing end of a race, defended by the inevitable Jean-Michel
Bazire, Boss Josselyn (1- J.-M.
, back on the way, Vincennes ash on Sunday, to
The Grand Prix de France event, I I complained about the 2,100 meters
great way, by leaving the autostart. An experiment on which she is a hero
title. If she gets out of her trap number (1) behind her car, the girl
de Love you who have the means
to keep her crown and walk in steps Moni Maker, who won this event in 1999, two weeks later
which was set out in the world round competition. I am a trainee
Also count on it Looking awful
(10- A. April)
, the second most impressive in the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I), and Davidson Bridge (9- F. Exposure)who
to confirm itself over time as one of the world's best ventures. absent
last year, Reading Express (5- B. Goop), The
who are really concerned in the Phrix American Price (Gr.I),
Also complete the highest point of the podium, just like a scratch Bold Eagle (6- Nivard), who won
this one event in 2017 and last year's second year. Third part of the Grand Prix
Burgundy (Gr.II) is on our way of interest, Uza Josselyn (2- G. Gelormini) far away from business
The first places as his coach René Aebischer explained: "We can not dream about a better number.
The additional mare is from the Phrix d 'Amérique. She got a share, here
which is already remarkable at the highest of 2,700 meters. Everything is
today is good. "
Championship of the 5 Year European Championship (Gr.I),
the last autumn of Vincennes, Dijon (7-
r. Derieux)
, which has a very basic speed, a spoiler
in power, especially since it takes four feet away for the event. him
Roman supporter Derieux says: "Ann
In the Luxembourg Prize, we needed to make some effort at the bottom
with this number 7 at the autostart. We may have the second one
but we have two good horses hitting us. We will try to finish it
This Sunday can be a good place in Phrix de France. I think it
Race was needed in Luxembourg and should have gone up
e. "
Traders (3- Y.
, it is important not to be convicted of his death
Grand Prix of America (GrI) is not a business for access. in
On the other hand, work is more likely to be Valko Jenilat (4- F. Lagadeuc), The Billie de Montfort (8- E. Raffin), and Hard Times (11- M.-T. Gundersen), which seems to be overshadowing
a strong part.

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