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He learns his particular death through video, and his family's complaint

The Californian learned 78 years of his death in particular by means of a long video connection & # 39; He was treated with intensive care telemedicine in a hospital in the San Francisco area, and his family faced an unobtrusive and strategic relationship.

Ernest Quintana learned that he had left a few days to stay last Monday in a hospital in Fremont, San Francisco Bay, when a doctor appeared on a robot video screen.

Mr Quintana died the next day. "Doctor of a robot can be right enough for some situations but without telling someone that he is going to die," a family friend on Facebook was broken.

This friend gave a view of the video taken from the patient's grandson Annalisia Wilharm.

The latter was alone with her grandfather when the robot who was carrying the screen was a doctor's doctor; talk into their room to tell them the news: Ernest Quintana's lungs did not work any longer and he would not return home.

The grandson made a film on the scene so she could see her family.

"We knew it was going to happen and it was very ill, but we can not give news so, someone should come," she said in an interview with the television channel . Local KTVU.

As her grandfather had a hearing problem and could not hear what the doctor said, his grandson had to tell him what was said.

The Kaiser Permanente Medicine Center in Fremont responded in a statement, shared with the US media, where it offers its sympathy to the family.

"The word + robot + is wrong and uncertain," said the institution. "This private video technology is just a doctor's talk."

"It will not place a place of ongoing and personal dialogue with the patient or family," he says. "We are sorry that we have not responded to the patient and the family in this case and we will use it to see how we can develop video-related patient experiences."

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