Holland: Louboutin is winning a legitimate battle on red soil

Christian Macleod Christian Christian Christian Friedboutin named Friday (8th February) that he had defeated a legitimate battle against a Dutch company who asked to go to; Copies of brush-boots and red coins.

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin on January 24th in Paris.

Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

A court in Hague has ordered orders of the Canadian Van Haren shooting order to stop selling models similar to those with the French logo.

Van Haren, who is being attacked by Louboutin for marketing shoes in 2012 with a single red, also a. Renting for the company based in Paris.

The judiciary of the Dutch court is in accordance with the rule that was issued in June 2018 by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), which led Louboutin to bring out all well-known red members . The court was held that color could be recorded as a sign.

"Christian Louboutin welcomes her & her; This new review, which affirms positive decisions about the effectiveness of the red card logo already released in many countries", responded to its company in a statement.

In his decision on Wednesday, the Hague Tribunal found that Van Haren's shoe model, with the title "Fifth Avenue" and was developed by his & her; actress Halle Berry, "The breach of the trademark of the French creator's trading privileges".

The judges asked the Dutch company to destroy all copies of this model and give information about the sources where it was sold.

His court asked in Hague in 2016 the CJEU, and highest court in the European Union, to rule on the right hand side of the Louboutin application on its red coins.

The French logo has been marketing its highly skilled shoes, for more than 25 years.


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