How syndrome 2009 (Le Moustapha sow) can be prevented

Will the 2009 Local Election College not be waiting for President Macky Sall for these local elections on 1 December 2019?

In 2007, President Abdoulaye Wade won the election of the first president in the first round with a percentage of 55.90%. And in the 2009 local elections, it lost many towns. So someone might be looking at the salvation in his hell.

Today, the question is is that President Macky Sall has the least chance of losing big cities to the majority in the local elections in December 1, 2019? The Head of State, in the latter's election, won a comfortable 58.26% score and a separate participation rate of 66.23%.

Behind this successful success is a lot of problems for the local people. These can be found in the results of President Macky Sall in several major cities such as Dakar, Pikine, Guédiawaye, Thies, Diourbel, Mbacke, Ziguinchor, Bignona, etc..

When you take the owner Macky Sall's figure which can be measured between 5% and 10%, the majority have the figure by a cent. the proportion of opposing parties can be exceeded in a second category of cities.

The Benno Bokk Yaakar consortium (if it still lasts until December) will undoubtedly give their local day in December. Gaining the local area is the largest community earner. However, rural communities are much more numerous and traditionally they are following BBY.

However, it is expected that the large cities will also lose the statutory elections in 2022 through the loss of divisions with the largest number of representatives.

It is a real risk that most of the BBYs are in the parliament and that the loss of these cities could lose the worst demise of a majority English Parliament. T to President Macky Sall.

This situation also applies to cities where President Macky Sall won a score of 55%. In fact, when they dispose of President Macky Sall's owner, BBY is less than 50% that places the consortium within challenging and integrated access.

These presidential elections have shown that most of the middle classes and tutorial classes voted out of BFEM for the opponents. The cities that you get at local level in December 2019 want many of those voters to return to most.

It will therefore be important in the naming statement, as determined by the appointment of the Prime Minister and the foundation of the new government, that this parameter can be supported. It is no surprise to learn that the President of the Republic Macky Sall is a political leader, one of the biggest politicians who know about Senegal.

This is why the task that President Macky Sall is doing at the start of his last term is positive, especially in this week's beginning.

It has the potential, with good reading of its remarkable results, to fill the gaps that they would allow bases of impact in the cities in the local elections at 1 December 2019 and moving to employment. the statutory elections of 2022. And being able to rule by applying in peace, the second phase of the PES.

Poor reading or negative perceptions of social demand and citizens could be difficult to manage and bring animation from January 2020 in the Senegal. the 2022 announcing the end of difficulty.

This is the challenge that President Macky Sall will take through his first lecture, his appointments and the activities he has to take.

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