"I left the Palace with 700,000 francs … I did not spend 7 billion Macky ever … He will not respect anyone … I spoke about a boycott without violence"

After Touba people spread rapidly, on the one hand, and with businessmen Idrissa Seck my Madické Niang and Ousmane Sonko on the other side, President Abdoulaye Wade quickly spoke to Serigne Mountakha Bassirou Mbacké. This is what he wants to give "confirmation" to the Darou Miname Patriarch that Senegal's problem is not, but Macky Sall.

From the beginning, he will congratulate himself without going to his / her. Seals have been gold, despite being a President as he was and to be a president, and his time, he left the Palace in the & # 39; His pocket just with a sum of 700,000 francs. A successful meeting that has not failed, announces its property, stating that it has a financial finances of 7 billion bins. Wade to stop her allegations to her Prime Minister; Previously and to specify not to & # 39; Given the latest to the last ones. "It is unfortunate that he said and I did not want to refuse it, at risk of being uncomfortable. My financial philosophy is completely distinctive. Political funding is voted by the National Assembly who has no influence on entering the management. He can not keep track of the costs from that money. This money, I would help people and That's why I was said to be generous. "

President Abdoulaye Wade to continue with a speech, not trying to "demolish" regularly with his / her; President Macky Sall is very different from Senegal's other State Leaders. "I was politically fighting with Senghor and Diouf. Both of these leaders are different from the current power. I know, the previous people knew , after the storm, to return to feelings better to talk to the opponents. Le Diouf, we can accept a consensus polling vote in which Diouf lost power ahead of me. And I lost power under the voting code (…). Macky, who does not respect someone, has created his code to allow them to pass in the first round. This is a case he founded a fundraising. This funding, as it was made, was not just for the elimination of candidates. Today, it has been done so that only 5 candidates can debate & # 39; power. I wanted to say here because I'm sure, even a religious leader, you heard something about this case.
Wade-father recites his reclamation to give a boycott before Khalif General of the Mourides, saying he was not cited to burn this country. "But, I ask that no one will vote, but everything is happening without violence. I said yesterday when I arrived in Dakar (…) I do not want to go to the Palace by caring on my body The people who are with me can go straight to the palace, but I know that I can achieve the goals without any violence Yes. I want this option to be suspended, it eliminates redesigning its polling code and sponsorship. It will allow the 2,500 million people who have not received Their voting cards have the opportunity to return, unless it does, the only one who will be responsible for what happens. "

The hospitality of Khalif was a delight at the fascinating center that had been retained from Mbacké to Touba, He could say about what he visited today, today is the ones with the most humanized presence.

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