Sunday , September 15 2019
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"I see Mimi Toure instead of Macky Sall in 2024"

This Sunday, artist Ouza Diallo, one of Senegalese's modern music reformers, was guest of Aissatou Fall's major TFM Face to Face exhibition. To the journalist's question Who can see the place Macky Sall in 2024? The artist, who is famous for high status and political commitment, replied directly I see Mimi Toure for his intellectual and virtuous qualities. MDespite the hardship and attacks she has suffered, she has firmly held the spirit of fighting, respect and loyalty. And why wouldn't a woman rule Senegal? I also want to say that I don't personally know it, I never meet her, and I only know it through the media. "That will bring a resurgence in the debate about Macky's succession which will begin on the last five year term of 2 April.

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