Impact of Kébémer: Aliou Attacking and denying Long •

Three (3) minutes of radio at RFM MORNING, and you're missing from the north. But still! You have increased these minute minutes to make everyone aware of the widely distributed word word. What alas! How much worry!

Long and a group contribute a thousand newspapers, sponsorship articles, gloomy people for breaking and personalizing debate about the truth and figures, seeking re-structuring in the media. his family to create an imperfect category of influence in Kebemer and forging a relationship with little concern about the future, nothing will change the truth of facts and figures from the election of landlords in his own town.

The truth is, you are struck in your polling place, you are chased in your association and the score of opposite candidates gathered by Darou Mousty is higher than the score t the first consortium you want to lead 734 votes and if all the communities of the country have recorded these results, our candidate would be in the second round.
How can one appeal be made to allow 52% (Kebemer) to win a division in his polling station and in his own right with the MEANS?

No motion must change this position.

You want the riot, you will be well attended after you have put together your low-level attacks and our analysis of it.
And you need to check your own dictionary on the book on FADAES FADAISES NA FADA.
The insurance and profits won't go unmarried.
We know each other well and will even know … t

Instead of making campaign accounts, you try to sort out accounts by using public insurers. I am very keen on MpD Liggeey's actions for making them down to humans and incapacitated people. Also, they do not have this type of profile. I am clear enough to be behind behind people or thick curtains for “chatting” with you.

We don't have the same concerns.
What is itself and what does political politics not think about people. Bakhul Usage.
Be appointed by force. You show your concern and thirst for the work by treating people badly because your news program is stopped.

The President of the Republic is a sovereign Republic of appointment. Do you need these sounds and all number numbers to give you a name at all costs? Dafa doye!

Looking for recruitment to work or to restore your health? He's getting fishing there!

See you soon.

By Dr. Aliou SOW

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