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In 2018 the Kering chief is nearly 22 million euro

Paris (awp / afp) – François-Henri Pinault, Chief Executive of leading Kering Company, received a total of 21.8 million euros for the financial year 2018, compared to 2.7 million the previous year, in & around # 0 t • that long-term compensation is based on financial performance.

Kering – owner of the Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta bands – strong growth was recorded last year, with sales jumping 26% to 13.66 billion and a total value of 2.8 billion. uro.

According to the reference document, posted online on Wednesday of the organisation's website, the total amount paid during the financial year 2018 to François-Henri Pinault was the number of 21.8 million euro.

This amount breaks down to 1.2 million euros of set money, 1.9 million annual compensation payments – changes very little compared to 2017 – as well as a “multi-year compensation”. a year ”of 18.6 million euros. uro.

The latter responds to the distribution of own Kering 's own financial units, the "KMU" (for Financial Kering Units, Ed.), Which was awarded to the Chief Executive by 2014 and 2015 as a board of directors, and is subject to determination. . the financial performance of the organization, that was achieved.

Linked to AFP, the group states that “the Chief Executive's and Deputy Chief Executive's remuneration figures which were paid in 2018 are fully accounted for by full replacement equipment. , subject to the recording of a mathematical formula recorded by the performance of the body. ".

These "tactics" are closely linked to the financial performance of the group and the market performance of Kering's share sector, thus aligned with the interest of shareholders, who are equally achieving Kering in the recent years, including division, which affect these figures, "it was said.

The group said that "all of these costs are subject to social security and income tax, about 50%".

In addition, the luxurious giant says "as a result of being an informed shareholder of the body and an indication of his promise and confidence in the growth of Kering, François-Henri Pinault decided to re-establish." Investigation in sectors Provides the full amount of the multi-year multi-annual payment paid in 2018 after tax ".

Alongside the same measures, the Chief Executive of the organization received Jean-François Palus a full payment of 12.6 million euro in 2018, against 3.4 million in the previous year.


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