Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is ready to go ahead

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos raised his fortune through Amazon, which he made from a sprawling empire. He is convinced that he has been proven, to be extremely powerful, and is ready to give a blow when attacking.

With plenty of nature, Jeffrey Preston Bezos, aged 55, who also had Washington Post, went into the famous column in January when he publicly announced the his divorced marriage with his wife Mackenzie, who was married for 25 years.

Within a few weeks later, the multibillionaire finds himself at the heart of a superstition based on a quiz, a winter, a schoolmaster and bad pictures, all in opposition to a defender with US President Donald Trump .

It threatened, as it was, to emphasize his & her; floor of connotation with the National Enquirer, a ghost near president, did not express a disturbance to his / her; in public cases, even to publicize its confidentiality and to submit undesirable details of the risks that were at risk. every week.

"Instead of finding out they were black and black-haired, I decided to show what they just sent me, Despite what I spend personally and a great deal ", Jeff Bezos, can cause a text that appears by irony who is a affecting the impact of media bomb in the United States.

Everything that can be very familiar with public relations and clearly has a clear message: we do not; Looking for a problem with Jeff Bezos.

– Decision –

He is famous for laughter laughing, often laughing; Showing a simple man despite his fortune, estimated at $ 130 billion, Jeff Bezos and appearing for the opening to allow Amazon to become the largest companies in the world: a strong character and an unfinished decision.

A simple online bookseller, with long money in the red, has now become a giant rescuer, who is over exports, a pretty computing or assistant .

The Bezos way? Assigning in each side and its # 39; Breaking on economic sectors by reducing price, to the place we are going to; mentions the "challenger-chief". In the summer of 2017, he wondered, all of all, the American supermarket Whole Foods. Work completed in several weeks.

A great success also on Seattle's juggernaut to be regarded as a unique coral roller coach for a competition and for the workplace of its own staff.

He said he was tied to "great journalism", he bought the Washington Post in 2013 and was always sure he would leave the famous newspaper of all editor independence.

It also includes this newspaper that has contributed greatly to the hostile host; regularly gives evidence to President Donald Trump, who often mentions "fake news" news.

Trump also states that Amazon is a destroy the US Office by lowering low levels to access parcels.

Even before the three ministers came to the White House, Jeff Bezos was dismantled, recommend on Twitter to "preserve" a place in a rocket.

– "Save the Earth" –

Jeff Bezos, who is a major science fiction server, is also known for the occasional exploration of explosives: he built a 150m-meter tall clock, which said he would 10,000 years work and Replication of "long-term thinking".

It also funds Blue Origin, which wants to put tourists to the place and aim to build a ship and a pool that can deliver goods and housing models on its # 39 ; Moon.

The project, describing Mr Bezos, aims to "save the Earth" by place your business to a place.

"In general, what I'm doing is to bring what Amazon is carrying on and investing" in Blue Origin, he explained in late 2016.

His true name was Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, paid by his father, Miguel Bezos, who was immigrant to Cuba.

After studying in Florida and then at Princeton's important University, he worked for Wall Street several years before deciding to start his own business, mentally on the internet .

He married MacKenzie Tuttle in 1993. She had been living with Jeff Bezos, from the first search trip to Seattle in 1994 to the Amazon empire today. Bezos has four children.


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