KORIAN: the stock market is falling by the death of a number of residents

Korian fell 5.27% to 34.18 euros in Paris square, and 5 inhabited Toulouse near ddds and 15 in hospital, after food poisoning. The residential care facility (Ehpad) La Chneraie Lherm was claimed to have 22 residents living with food poisoning on the 31st of March after dinner, showing the Haute-Garonne commandment. Investigations are underway to establish the suspicion of food poisoning.

“The food witnesses were swept and adhered to the Department's Department of Education's intervention on protection of the population,” said Area Health Organization (SRA).

The ARS launched the first evening inquiry. Korian have therefore launched an internal search.

This private establishment, opened in 2006, was part of the Omga group, which was taken over by the Korian group on 18 February. 82 residents lived in Chraraie, including 17 people who lived in protected units (Alzheimer's and prominent diseases).

In a statement, Korian shows that the setting up food is on-site with his own cookery teams.

"The last hygienic exam completed by an external learning bureau was held in February last year," the Korian said.

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