Lady Gabriella Windsor, the natural cousin of Princes William and Harry

Lady Gabriella Windsor, his cousin William and Harry served as landlords shame on the British papers.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's magnificent union, 19 May, and the unification of Eugenie York and Jack Brooksbank, in a few days Lady Gabriella Windsor, cousin of Princes William and Harry, will marry Thomas Kingston. But in the face of his cousin, his great cousin, Harry and William hide a very natural woman. The young woman in the 51st position online is succeeding and the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, but also a cousin of Prince Philip's cousin.

According to Gala magazine, although the Queen Gabriella Windsor is not yet the throne, she will often be taken in British newspapers for embarrassing reasons. "In 2013, the British media published photographs of his future King Thomas Kingston laughing with Pippa Middleton or going to a London restaurant for a dête-à-tête dinner " remembering the media. These were the pictures that quickly sparked romantic rumors, which they never knew were the two main concerns.

Also during meeting with Meghan Markle in December 2017, t "Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, there's only one other than Lady Gabriella Windsor's mother, Michael de Kent" religious craftsmen in the British Crown by revealing a decorative pin in a pin, which refers to a black woman, throwing a turban and gold costume. The suggestion made by the British public is an encouraging choice.

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