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SAN FRANCISCO, February 8 (Reuters) – Fiscal tension from September increases levels of less than a few months ago, said Mary Daly, president of & # 39; bank. San Francisco Army Reserve.

"Financial positioning is to make some of the work that we should do, in my opinion, through a cash policy to slow down the economy and slowly reduce the pace of growth more sustainable, "she said. reporters after a debate organized by the Bay Council Area Economic Council in San Francisco.

It is still not possible to find out if there is a tightening of financial circumstances due to growing concerns or due to delays at the rising levels at Fèidh, she said.

But the rise in global growth, the uncertainty of international trade and inflation, which has just reached a 2% Fingalian target, suggests that the number of awards is a rate The more needed is still lower than expected first, she said.

Those ideas are the first ones she holds publicly on money policy from November; At the time, she considered that it would be necessary to increase two or three levels to prevent the US economy from surrender.

At December's cash policy meeting, Mary Daly voted for the fourth phase of the issue, the fourth place in 2018.

"We do not need the right number (increase levels) we still need," it entered Friday. "That's why patience is welcome."

Mary Daly has been president of the San Francisco Fiesta since October, a post she took from John Williams, who was over the New York branch of the banking center.

Asked about the Deer's balance sheet, he said he was willing to get into the bank purchase not only as a machine; finally in a financial crisis situation but maybe even & # 39; and before he stopped the deer's ability. rates.

"Thinking about using high levels of interest as a main device and balancing as a secondary gadget can only be used," she said.

"There is still no decision, but that is one of the topics that we are currently discussing."

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