ME A-STEACH – Idrissa Seck, candidate Idy2019: "My biggest project is the water question"

While he was & # 39; Walking a dancing in the streets of Taba's station, Idy2019's headmaster wanted to send a message to the people who needed water. "The most part of my program is to get out of hell a water shortage when you come into the Chief Justice, because water is the foundation of life. And here in Torea , this is a key priority, "said head of Rewmi. So Idrissa Seck asked the people of the religious community Amary Ndack Seck to "punish" the outgoing President and his team. In addition to his comment, he thanked the leaders of his fellowship for hospitality: "I believe, with a strong move, we will ensure that the first round. "
After Tunisia, a communion caravan idy2019 went on to Khombole. There too, he was greatly welcomed by the people who came out greatly to show their sympathy. Cothrom for formerly Thies' master to attack his & her; President: "He promised billions and projects for the Synod, but he did not respect his promises. When I first arrived at Khombole, the first people told him I met this town as the most beautiful man by Macky Sall. He had promised 9 projects to Khombolois that he did not do it. "It follows:" It is not the force's priority and the # 39; niangal, but only to solve the problems of the Senegal who suffer in their meat as a result of their children's education, unemployment young people, the system of your health. "So, he asked the people of Khombole to settle the Macky case in the first round to" spread the country with our consortium up of the important political class of Senegal ".
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