net income and profit net down in 2018

Saham Assurance's new administration, last year under the umbrella of South Africa's Sanlam insurer, released his first release on Tuesday 26 February in Casablanca. The General Director, Christophe Buso, and Deputy Chief Executive, Mohamed Afifi, to give the accounts for the year 2018 of the Moroccan economist, who stopped at the end of the management board held on the previous day under the direction Alj said, Chairman of the Board of Saham Assurance.

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According to the figures presented by the General Director by case who is alive enough across all areas ", its company was released in 2018 that there were 5,223.2 million employees; move up to 7.8% over the previous year.

Le meur, this is the activity Neo-Life, an area where the insurer is a leading market leader, with a change of 4.178 million dirhams, up 9.3% versus 2017 while & # 39; the branch is life, grew 2.1% in 2018, thus confirming bankassurance business, which sold 1,045 million dirhams after two years of strong growth.

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Down income down

According to the rule of Saham Assurances, the technical result of 576.7 million gardens, down 3.7%, " due to a regional environment marked by an increase in car applications ". Net income is 402.9 million manhams, down 8.5%, according to its & # 39; company, showing the reduction in technical output and the impact of the tax audit.

According to Saham President, " It was a special event; in the tax audit that spread the net product, and as a result of the impact of the loss on the # 39; affecting the technical output, especially in the equipment department "The fairness of its company should be 4.160.2 million gardens, a 5.7% increase by the end of December 2018, and at the end of its meeting on Monday 25th February, Commend the decision of the General General Meeting, to be distributed for the 2018 financial year of an allocation of 40 MAD of each department, which equals the same apportionment that was distributed in 2017.

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In terms of expectations, the insurance is attempted to continue with & # 39; Focusing on the fight against fraud, especially for their cars, which will affect profit and profit despite a good commercial exercise. Saham Assurance also counts on its digitalized digital strategy to increase its market share in Morocco, the second in Africa after South Africa, with great potential, especially for the SME / SMI division which the company intends to offer is innovative.

In the same kind, its company established with Moulay Hafid Elalamy aims to make your own insurance insurance position Takaful "As soon as the asset is launched to become new growth due to its growth opportunities.

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