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Author of a good start with the Olympique de Marseille, Mario Balotelli will finally arrive at the end of his contract in June. And it will be difficult for the attacker to keep it without a qualification to the Champions League.

OM: financial difficulties

Mario Balotelli only managed OM for 5 months.

Hiring Mario Balotelli for 5 months in January last year resulted in a clear agreement for Olympique de Marseille: the 28-year-old striker was more than a short-term investment in a t .

But with Italy's hugely successful start (7 goals in 9 games), an expansion hypothesis generated so much. Especially since the very early Italy, with the Vlodrome Stadium, was opened the door at the beginning of the month.

C1, not Balotelli?

The truth is that my contract ends at the end of the year (season). And after that we will discuss it. I told my representative that I was well enough here. I want to stay, who peers Super Mario La Provence. Clearly, these comments are very happy with the supporters, but it may seem that things are more complex … After being involved in a Saturday against Angers (2-2), he said: t OM is 8 points behind Olympique Lyonnais, 3rd, and qualified in the Champions League. 8 days later, this card is very difficult for the Marseillais.

But, Equipe explains this Sunday that pocket club will be struggling to meet the striker's financial requirements without a C1 certificate (and the profitable discount it makes). happens). In January, the club called Jacques-Henri Eyraud chaired a huge effort to meet the requirements of Italy, which collects at least 3.9 million euros (excluding bonus) for half-a-half t season. But on a full season, the chorus is obviously not the same.

The power of Eyraud

In fact, Marseille can always make savings in other places to invest this money in Italians' wages. Therefore the activities planned by musicians such as Aymen Abdennour, Tomas Hubocan or Rolando should help reduce their pay. Despite everything, the place is likely to move tightly … So Eyraud's warning when he answered Balotelli's ideas at the start of the week was Le Dauphin Libr.

The future may tell. You must take account of forecasts. I am not going to talk about Mario Balotelli's fate. He is prmaturhe was a director. The strike is sure that OM is sure to know how sad his agent, Mino Raiola, is, and we think there is flowers to be made from the money … t

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