Premier League – Liverpool: Sadio Mané expands his contract

In an interview with Real Madrid's television channel, Karim Benzema said he had his goal to reach his / her. 35-goal mark of this season.

Orphans Cristiano Ronaldo, who came to Juventus Turin, can Real Madrid count on Karim Benzema back in shape to keep the titles up? It is obvious that this is the old Lyonnais. During an interview given to the official television channel of Casa Blanca, "KB9" has even shown that it has focused its goal on the 35th of this season. "I have this in the corner of my head, admitting Merengue. (…) This year, I will try to find out more information. And with more aims, he adds more titles. Every game what I want to decide, either with goals or help. "

Benzema: "Now I'm a bit lonely at the beginning"

Benzema, who has a ten-hour score in every competition in the year 2018-19, also acknowledges that the situation has changed significantly since its death. leaving the Golden Ball behind. "Waiting is always a bit more important because Cristiano was before, now it is not there to put the balloons at the base, which is internationally aware of France. I'm in my position. I am very inspirational and ready to accept this challenge. (…) Now, I'm a few times on and when I place places, I am the one who needs to be the first, or the second one. The 32 goals are the list of the goals identified by an OL player in the Madrid jumper. During the 2011-12 season.

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