PSG and OL will see a quarter of their & # 39; Q1 according to book builders?

9 February, 2019 at 16:20 with Thomas

Will PSG and OL, together, see the European League seasonal quarters? There's nothing so sure …

Three at first, two who cross the & # 39; cut: but only Monaco, falling from the ponds, its first phase of the European League was great for OL and PSG. It is still better for the second one, because he finished the winner of the organization, so it will be an advantage to him; get their game back. Who? Manchester United, for Paris in the eighth and FC Barcelona, ​​for Lyon. About it, the exciting index is different: it's great for a club of capital, and it's not a shame for that than Gones.

The PSG builders have the opportunity to pre-eighth against Manchester United

Created by numbers, the PSG will qualify for the European League's seasonal show, compared with 1.4 against one to 2.49, leaving Manchester United. The benefit is in Paris, but the gap is very small, it does a & # 39; Clan is indeed a bit more uncertain. There is a debate. To discuss, by the way, take part in the ParisSportifs group to access the VIP area and enjoy your daily preferences. In a more precise way, Manchester Saint-Germain's increase in Manchester United should be determined, from going to Old Trafford, with a 1-1 draw, given as a result, depending on the jobs we met.

OL against Barça is one of the three best practices with its last impact

For Lyon on the other hand, you can find a summary in very few things. Without saying anything. The very bad evidence is that Bruno Genesio's men are fitting to Messi's club, more than 6 per cent. The other, at 1.07, is for Barça general. But with OL, however, there is nothing online, the Jean-Michel Aulas club has never been better than the face of big cars. Its space may not be as big as it looks like. For a specialized view, click here to send Nassim from ParisSportifs on Snapchat. But reminiscences: FC Barcelona, ​​from the end of the group, is one of the best titles for the title, at French server makers, after Manchester City and Juventus Turin. This explains how difficult it is; It is about the ability of the Gones.

Difference from going to Lyon?

Looking forward, from & # 39; going to Stadium Groupama, the Barça will benefit. With him, at the worst, 1-1 (odds at 7.2), the best to win 2-1 (7.11). In every case, a favorable score, before you get Camp Nou. The European League ready stages are played several times, 12,13,19 and 20 February for their first matches and 5,6,12 and 13 March, the games back.

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