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Quinté + Rougemont General Prize, Sunday in Auteuil. FUJI FLIGHT, a foal to follow

Quinté + Sunday at Auteuil with an obstacle divided into cnapan of recorded level (ref +6), over 3600 meters, for each foal and 4 year old networkers. The landscape is named very quickly by 4.0 Galop by France Galop. FUJI FLIGHTrepresented by Guillaume Macaire (our image), which is a quality that appears in color. He can win this quinté.

7 FUJI FLIGHT : On his second leg on 20 October and 26 February on the fronts of Auteuil, this colt is being colored in color. Pierre Pilarski, fairly from the start of his career, it seems likely that he can show the strongest part of this obstacle, which was highlighted on 61. At the first opportunity.

3 NOTORIUS : To return, in the Quinté + of March 9 (which may be a sign), this resident. T François Nicolle he took a fifth place. It should demonstrate progress in Sunday's race. So, according to his ability, he is also entitled to a great credit.

10 MY CHARGE : Third place in the main race of March 9 as stated above, at the end of a beautiful race, this resident Mickaël server it is one of the favorite choices of the Prix Général de Rougemont.

2 BUCHA HAT It also brought a fantastic finale to the quinté in March 9th, securing a fantastic fourth place. Since it began to scallop, 3 December, it has been without. Inevitably.

12 LOVE MATHAN : Sixth in the March 9 racing race, this is trained by training Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé She appears to be better in a spire, but trade and good potential for very flexible land. For a place.

4 MONTGEOFFROY : This name is four times in obstacles, which often has two very easy effects (in Angers and Saint-Brieuc). His coach is very fond of him. Joel Boisnard. So it will start at Auteuil. But if he changes the image of the Butte Mortemart racecourse, he can say it is good for good status.

6 CARADREAM Third: Fontainebleau's 4th spot in Quinté + on 4 March sees Fontainebleau's defeat with the race, led by Mickaël server It seems that he has the ability to plan himself to return to Auteuil. It is good outdoors.

13 FULL DAY : Out of the steeple, this other residentArnaud Chaillé-Chaillé access to some doors, especially in Pau and Auteuil. Because of its small weight of 64 kilos, it can surprise one fourth or fifth place.

If they don't leave : 14 ZIE DE KET

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