Rapak Ngakka Armored will be considered …

Ngaka Armored and his co-defendant, Khadim Thiam, can set up help. According to the emedia information, the file will be recorded on 13 December. Crime has been committed to focus, rectify and change cash signage, they have been in jail for eight months.
The rapper and the connection built were built in their vehicle with 5 million FCFA in note pounds. According to the rapper's version, the sum of money in hard-working banknotes was assigned for a team.

Recently, the crime court dismissed the case of the rapporteur Ngaka Blindé, saying that it was not possible to " judging their case. Now the criminal court has its responsibility to; Crimes, not crimes.

A decision was made well with the lawyers of Ngaka Blindé and Co., arguing that "this correction court is much more flexible for the sentence and at the same time".

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