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Sale of Corsair: a fleet of 13 Airbus in 2023

Airline's new owner International Coach he said yesterday his development plan, which includes a move to all-Airbus fleet incorporating A330neo with a total of 13 aircraft in 2023. After launching a new link in June Miamithe next winter will be marked by a visit Montreal to a year-round service.

After the news from TUI Group of the French company's re-sale to the Germans Intro Aviation GmbH, we know a little more about the behavior of the carrier based at the airport. Paris-Orly. First on the map financial : sell 100% of the Coach lodges held by TUI in France Irish company Diamondale Diagondale's capital city is lined up on 15 March, 2019. t 53% by company INTRO Aviation, 27% with TUI group and 20% reserved for Corsair staff and held on a special basis (Stichting). By the end of the information / consultation process t when exchanges were very positive and always helpful with company union groups, the work of the company gave a favorable opinion on 7 February 2019, which is specific in this type of work t "There is a statement from Corsair who works for them. They also supported the project ".

First published at the papers conference at Corsair Tuesday, Tuesday A growth project " permanent And his ambition for his navy: he will be brought to his 13 aircraft by 2023six extra airplanes. Each of the three Boeing 747-400 they will be replaced by two places Airbus. As mentioned last year, three A330-900 Officially ordered on March 15, 2019 and will be acquired by the 2021 fleet; three more non-existent Airbus will complete the fleet to replace the 747. Finally, three new aircraft will arrive between 2021 and 2023. The move to the modern fleet and all of Airbus " t it will greatly improve quality of products cottages fully updated "And he will continue" a highly developed working economy "This new fleet will allow Corsair to consolidate existing resources:

– a brand which appears strongly bad luck and called INTRO Aviation for conservation,

– position three-class : this new arrangement will certainly have been maintained for the new fleet, succeeding in greatly launching an business class in 2017. The company aims to deliver more services through new product streams and new cabins. The customer experience in the ground and in flight will be developed to enhance the satisfaction of passengers in the Business Class, Big Premium and Economy class, in each area (airport, registration, entertainment and comfort on board and food). ,

– a one place in Orly. The airport value of high value and easily accessible airports continues to be important because existing slots are in place. In addition, upgrading the destination will be a big improvement on the customer's visit.

This project will allow Corsair to benefit from flight timetable " much more productive and quality », Expand network by opening up new destinations his investigation is ongoing Although it aimed at the current destinations with a lot of traffic. In addition to the opening on 10 June four times a week between Paris and Paris Miami, after seven years of absenteeism in Florida, the airline announced yesterday that the link was t Montreal Available all year from the next winter, with the aim of going between four and seven weekly tours.

Corsair also wanted workforce determinations : the "innovative" project will allow them to keep 20% of Corsair's capital going through a sanctified foundation (Stichting), engagement rate very much in the airline "One in four of the directors will be appointed to the board of Diamondale Board of Directors, which will also lay the foundation, which will also conduct the board of directors of the Coach Directors, and therefore the foundation will be Stichting) have detailed knowledge of the projects which are presented in these Boards of Directors, participation and involvement in the company's behavior and decide its strategy t "Beyond this workforce group, INTRO Aviation engaged for a period of 2 years Various people on it qualifications " particularly useful Corsair staff (staff retention, wages, general agreements and redundancy staff). All these commitments will deliver to develop the commitment of each individual, to the culture of productivity and to the empowerment of staff Through participation in the company's strategic projects. Finally, INTRO Aviation and the TUI Group have promised to promise he will remain as shareholders for at least 3 years.

Corsair also stresses how he can contribute to it knowledge INTRO Aircraft teams and environment more flexible and responsive. t "will speed up and simplify the decision-making process. And although he is still the owner of Corsair, the group TUI stands for " t his great trust in the INTRO Aviation project And it appears to be still " involvement in the company's success "Every member of the Corsair Committee Committee is still in existence beside Pascal Pascal de Izaguirre;" he will ensure that the company has its continuity and development "For the Director," he is new development nominated for Corsair. With the launch of the growing 13-plane fleet project we will allow us to reach the required position to stabilize our place as an important player in the long market. I am optimistic about the success of our partnership in the future with INTRO Aviation's teams, with the support of company staff and the commitment they have always shown. "Peter Oncken, Managing Director of INTRO Aviation, said:" Corsair is a company many resources. I am very confident about his ability. The renewal of the 747 and the journey of a single fleet will decide for the future of Corsair. By sharing the expertise of the INTRO Aviation and Corsair team teams, we have all the skills to find ways of developing which will ensure the sustainability and development of the company. ".

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