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Short News on Tuesday 05 February 2019 • * Mali

Niger Festival: Now renamed Ségou & Art

As expected, the 15thS A Niger festival magazine runs from Friday, February 1, 2019 and ends on the 10th of this month. For this year, Niger Festival will be announced "Ségou & Art "As a program of this edition, others should be remembered: art, dance, drama and contemporary music. According to the qualifications obtained, according to the current context, security is reinforced by the" led authorities. Due to the crisis in 2012-2013, terrorist attacks were reduced in the middle of Mali and especially in this segou section. According to the data, many investments or organizations are not between International has allowed the national or staff to go to Segou. To give more commitment to the guests and to eliminate this event, regulator Segou has explained that arrangements are made for security of people and their property.

The Amazon group fires a number of staff due to the support for moving yellow beds

These are abolished by employees expressed by the Amazon French company, to support the movement of yellow-party social networks. The company is suitable "Bad break Consideration of loyalty is considered, and # 39; support, encourage or display taking part in the ban against their own employers "Conduct against corporate values ​​is completely "There were 3 death cases in total, 2 cases were recorded in Lille in northern France and the other in a warehouse in Montélimar. Employer decided at the Amazon logistics platform in Montélimar brought court to court. According to a lawyer who specializes in staff law, Mr Avi Bitton, all staff have the opportunity to: "(…) The employer attacks fundamental freedom. Freedom to show and the right to strike (…)»

The camel found on the Tessit market

Tessit has an adverse impact on economic activity, particularly among the ranges that impede the imposing pressure on camel access with Algeria and Mauritania. This situation makes this very valuable animal in this home largely unavoidable to find its & # 39; market this year. Sellers, merchants as well as brokers do not know in this situation.

The Emiliano Sala football shipwreck was discovered

Almost two weeks after the disaster, the plane was discovered by Emiliano Sala and his pilot David Ibbotson. This was published by AAIB, a UK air accident control group, through its manager David Mearns. The latter said that the search was found in the seabed and that the families of the two tolerant were informed about it. The AAIB Boat conducts the shipwreck. They did not say that Salt was found inside the machine, but no doubt that this sad news was to solve the last doubts about the sad reputation he received. The story is worried, but she can help all the last friends to lose her.

A good entrance to the Aiglons of Mali at the 2019 Youth Nation Cup

The Scots defeated Lion Cubs of Senegal (2-0) for this first game of Pool B of CAN Junior Niger 2019 on Sunday, February 03, 2019 in Maradi. After the first time in the first half, with a huge increase, Mamoutou Kané Mourlé did not find the second half in front of Senegalese's strong team defensively and who was ill. respecting the innovative management of the Dabo coach. They highlighted their first aim drawn by Dion Lopy (71st) and Thanks to a bad corner quickly and the second goal is Faly Ndaw (90). The eagles will have to build their game level to suit the four finals.

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