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Brussels is preparing to ban on Wednesday when the German Union of Siemens and Alstom Francs have been removed, significantly to the problem of Berlin and Paris, worried about the unexpected increase in competition China on the railway.

The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, recommends "Wednesday's" negative decision "on the proposed union, recognizing that the French government's Tuesday morning was there.

There were three sources in Brussels to inform AFP as a merger for Wednesday for this union, which was announced by excellence in September 2017, the Commission has a concern about; creating monopoly online on the European market.

The European government did not reinforce this information. However, quite unusual, President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, defended Tuesday in a speech in his & her; Brussels, a European competition policy, has given a strong attack on the French and German governments in the weeks, as well as the businessmen of both countries.

"We always offer fair competitions for businesses and, ultimately, for users (…) We will never make politics or admiration when it comes to to ensure that "play level" began.

Vestager of Denmark has again re-ignored the effects of his / her. This compares, which reduces the number of Union-based entrepreneurial manufacturers, which will improve trains prices for the railway, affecting the prices of the railings. tickets for users.

Formerly proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron to oppose the GAFA, Ms. Vestager has been the aim of direct or smaller attacks from Paris and Berlin.

The two main letters, as well as business-makers, are organizing a competition from CRRC China, the world's leading rail company, due to two Beijing-owned state-owned companies.

Last Wednesday, when the results of his organization were delivered, the president of Siemens, Joe Kaeser, defeated the "retrograde" technocrats of the Commission who would, threatened to marry Alstom.

With regard to the Minister of the French Economy, Bruno Le Maire, he confirmed three days before: "Europe can go on but can resist only American power or the Chinese power to be translated".

"It also means that Europe and the European Commission want to change their choices in their decisions," he said.

– Union unity –

Siemens-Alstom produces 35 high trains annually, the Chinese CRRC 200, noted.

On Tuesday, the French Federation of Fellowships (Medef), Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, also considered "essential" the foundations of European camps.

He spoke of "to be a quick feeling with this vision of tough consumer competitions".

In manifesto 25-pages, published on January 10, the powerful German-based business (BDI) also wants to give Beijing a deeper idea and a change in European competition law.

"Although in China, large groups are created through state interventions, the EU's political police does not only look at a market within Europe as an appropriate market for European unions , "she wrote. And to say in detail "the example of a Chinese railroad CRRC".

The two French and German groups, who had been trying hard – to move their European Commission by compensatory measures by doing so. Sale of special activities, to any extent already ready for their mailboxes.

Alstom and Siemens Mobility leave "all sides" when the European Commission is signposted, Alstom's Chief Executive, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, the French figure of Figaro, has been released on Wednesday.

At the same time, Siemens found that he did not; IPO closure of mobile movable movement.

The ban should be accompanied by the Belgian and French Unions of Alstom who had once again been in a meeting with Ms. Vestager in Paris on the 21st of January after they opposed their & # 39; proposed unions, I will allow a post.

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