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the greatest threat of the air giant threatened again

Keeping up over the last ten years after going to & # 39; doAirbus A380 to be turned off at the email address; at the company Emirates, only able to make contracts for several tens of copies.

The confirmation of this large order would maintain the minimum production level for expansion A380 visit ten years. However, the engine option (which protects devolution and achievable fuel savings) has failed several times to remove the order.

Airbus A380 Emirates

In the beginning of November 2018, Emirates revealed that it confirmed the last motor settings that they requested to continue; going for several years. This progress is repeatedly quoted for part of the contract.

according to ReutersEmirates aims to switch to Airbus A350 instead of buying the latest A380. Arrangements with engine providers would still not be involved, in particular a stall level with Rolls Royce, who did not previously enter the main R & D investments to make machines better compared to the current & # 39; at the moment.

A380 Emirates

The newspaper The Tribune suggesting that Airbus could end up uncertainty early in 2018, but with a deteriorating position with an order of 10 copies to be deleted from Hong Kong Airlines, there was no space in want to & # 39; A380 program survives.

The Emirates left the order for the last 20 planned Airbus A380, it will run around 5 years of production (to count the ones already ordered to be delivered) on a small basis, but not much more. Continuing Debates …

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