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The Haiti cultural register in France

March 21 in Paris, the first Yanick Lahens lecture in the Collège de France

During the season of La langue française and La Francophonie, chairman of Francophone Worlds, Yanick Lahens, will give his first speeches (talk), dreaming of survival ". This lesson will be followed by classes in April, May, June and at the end of June. At 18h, Collège de France, Marcelin-Berthelot venue, 75005 Paris, on invitations, broadcasts live on YouTube and on the College campus of France.

The Fmina 2014 Prize for "Moonshine" (Editions Sabine Wespieser) – 'Yanick Lahens' has just starred in' The Park Parker at night and other anecdotes, a collection of short stories written between 1994 and 2006, which is unveiled today. novels. She is an author of essays, novels, stories, and often award-winning novels.

March 19 at Porte-les-Valence, a concert by Leyla McCalla

Originally from Haiti, this musician grew up in New York City and moved to New Orleans. She sings and plays banjo and cello. In early 2019, she released her third album "The Capitalist blues" to the "Lakou Mizik" collection in which she examines jazz and folklore of Métis of Louisiana and Haiti. At 8pm, The Train Theater, tickets from 18 to 22 €. Other dates: 21 March in Courbevoie, 27 March in Paris.

March 19, in the Nevers, "Kindly Christmas" dance

A young audience inspired by the fascinating world of Fagon Tim Burton, Les petites histoires collected from four gems designed by photographers of different backgrounds: Emilio Calcagno, Anthony Egea, Kaori Ito and Kettly Noël. K. Noël lives in Mali where she is managing the festival Dense Bamako Danse and cultural center Donko Seko. At 20h, the Music House, tickets from 15 to 27 €. Other dates: 23 March to 27 in Paris (at 104).

March 20 in Tours, Jephté Carmil conference

At the time of the conference “Population hierarchy and policies”, Jephte Carmil, visual artist and sociology student will give a lecture “When the barrels are waiting around”. These “barbarians” created a new form of the bodies for children. At 2.30pm, Esad Talm (High School of Art and Design), 40 rue du Docteur Chaumier, 37000 Tours.

On March 23, Aix-en-Provence, a classical concert of Célimène Daudet

This pianist, who celebrates many international competitions, is recommending to report Chopin Liszt. Born in Aix-en-Provence, the young woman invites us to discover the Liszt, a reflective and spiritual spirit of her poetry and religious sermons and Sonata No. 3 Chopin, one of her final jobs. At 18h, the conservation of Darius Milhaud, 380 av Mozart, Aix-en-Provence.

On 20 March in Paris, poetry by Ferdy Ajax

At the time of the Poet Bard, des des Afriques and elsewhere, one poet's day, the poet Ferdy Ajax is celebrating a night which will be dedicated to Haiti's poetry and song with the support of the committee of poets, writers and artists. The last collection published "Montmartre blues". Aig 18:30, The Skylight of Writers 'books, 115 rue de l' Ourcq 75019.

March 23 in Paris, A poetry lecture for René Depestre and Arthur Rimbaud, by Lovely Merone and the Sorbonne Bards.

On the program: readings of texts, songs, by Ferdy Ajax, Luc Larbaletrier, Bi Diallo. Lovely Merone is novelist, journalist, poet-poet by Europoisie and Unicef ​​2018. At 17:30, Mompezat's cultural venue, 16 Evaluation Monsieur Le Prince, 75006 Paris.

23 March in Paris, address by Michèle Pierre-Louis and Lorraine Mangonès on libraries

“The theme of the conference organized by Monique Calixte, as Haiti, is a Haiti, as well as a libraries for citizenship. Michèle Pierre-Louis, former Prime Minister, is the president of FOKAL Fondasyon Konesans ak libète. Haitian crafts will then be sold for the benefit of libraries with support from DCA. At 15h, CICP, 21 Voltaire Street, 75011 Paris.

March 23 in Paris, concert n 'Bee' Sweet Men, Makandal, Ayélé

These groups will play as part of the special member of the South-West Afro-Latin accumulation of flowers. The dancer 'Bee' (Nerlande Bazelais) is a guide to a group of voodoo groove with energy. Makandal is a Afro-Caribbean jazz band that plays carnival music. From 22h to 2h, Little Hall in the Villette, 211 av Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris.

On the 23rd of March in Asnieres sur Nouère, a concert by Moonlight Benjamin

Printemps de Bourges and Pastor voodoo 2008, Moonlight Benjamin in 2018 published his third album “Siltane”, which turned into voodoo music and electric music presented by Matthis Pascaud. She plays poetry by Frankétienne and Georges Castera. Festival en guitar Mars en, at 8:30 pm, a socio-cultural room, free admission.

On March 23rd in Aulnay sous Bois, Douly's birthday birthday

Numerous guest artists: Roody Roodboy, Melodeek group, Ronald BS (New York), Vens (New York), Tom Mòr, Bg Love of Flaï … at 23h, Espace Pierre Peugeot, 23 André Citroën bd, 93100 Aulnay Under Wood.

March 23 and 24 at St Denis, a music performance by Jackson Télémaque

Around her story, "The Lord of the Flies" (Editions "The head in other", 2018), illustrated by Maïa Mihindou, Jackson Thélémaque will give a concert on Saturday 23 at 20pm and dedicate tea on a Sunday at 16h. Grand Breton, 18 rue de la Legion of Honor, 93200 St Denis.

On 26 March in Bordeaux, a round table with Guy Regis Young "Haiti: theater for development support?"

As part of Africa Week, its writer and director of his text will read "From every earth's great inheritance". He will be involved in discussion with Emmanuel Poilane from the Dveloppement Initiative, Alice Corbet, anthropologist (CNRS) and Pierre-Jean Roca, secretary of SO Cooperation and a research engineer at CNRS. At 8pm, Halle des Douves, 33800 Bordeaux.

26 March and 29 at Bourg la Reine and Paris, talks by Jozef Kwaterko

Visiting Paris, this Polish Professor from the Romanesque Research Institute of the University of Warsaw will give two speeches: 26 March on "Black Poles in Haiti. A story coming out of the oblivion". The second lecture on 29 March in Paris on "The spirit of jazz and blues are among the poets in the Harlem American Revival and their French-Caribbean proportions". On the 26th at 8pm, Republic Hall, Bourg-la-Reine. 27 to 19h, a Science Center of Polish Science, 74 rue Lauriston, 75016 Paris.

On 29 March in Paris, the Metiskacao and Grégoire Chery concert

The Metiskacao band, formed by guitarist and guitarist Amos Coulanges, and the singer Kecita Clenard are presenting an evening of music to other musicians. Métiskacao sings Haiti through the anonymous and known bards. Gregoire Chery is a young writer, singer and comedian. At 20:30, the Apple of Eve, 1 rue Laplace, 75005 Paris.

29th March at Questembert (56), Double Dance with Nono Battesti

After the Audience Award at 2016 the Avignon Off festival, Double speaks about identity identity. Dance dancer Nono and her sister Sin-B are live with a mix of dance / hip hop and live music. T At 20:30, the Asphodel, 21 rue du Pont Tan, Questembert. Date: 30 March in Doué in Anjou.

2 April at St Ouen, a concert by Melissa Laveaux

The singer and guitarist Mélissa Laveaux, a Canadian Canadian descendant, visits her parents' home heritage. The Radio Siwèl songs, its new Creole album, are fast changing songs, many years in which the United States lived in Haiti between 1915 and 1934. Space 1789, 2/2 4 rue Alexandre Bachelet, 93400 St Ouen. Other dates: 4th April in Quimper, 5th April at St Barthelemy's Anjou, 6th April in Massy.

To 14 April in Paris, an exhibition of photographs of Vladimir Legagneur

In memory of a photojournalist, Vladjimir Legagneur, who died as part of a report at Port-au-Prince, this exhibition aims to clarify his work through twenty photographs, or so, t others and those. with him. Large Neighbors, Transport, 74 av Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris.

The Republic of Haiti Embassy in France

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