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The Justin Bieber depressive asks his fans to 'pray for him'.

Singer Justin Bieber goes well. In a message over his Instagram account, the star reads that he is doing something harm. It is about depression. With its hidden nature of its health condition, the interpreter "Love yourself" came out of his solitude. Through his account, he asked his supporters to continue his support during this difficult event.

Indeed, the young singer, 25 years old, is still fighting against his illness and is trying to get back to his feet. Although he only communicated a little about his health situation, the interpreter "What are you means" through his Instagram account to talk about his illness for fans. Getting the picture from 2016 where he appears alongside Kanye West and his Scooter Braun manager, write Justin Bieber "I just wanted to give you a bit of update, I hope I saw I felt hugely, I was fighting really, I felt connected to me and huge. I am always coming back, so I don't worry. me, I just wanted to find out and ask the boys to pray for me, God is loyal and your prayers work in truth, thank you, the most miserable season I have never be. "

As a memorial to me, in February last year in an interview fashion in February last year, Bieber told the magazine that he had just stopped a week's rehabilitation cure and was depressed from the 2017 Tribe.
"I was very heavy on the journey. I didn't talk about it, and there's a lot to do, I felt lonely, I needed time," he said.

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