The move is tired of inviting Senegeal to "vote" very much.

Dakar, 20 February (APS) – The liberation of citizen, Y, who was tired on Wednesday appealed to Senegealse, including young people, to vote "significantly" on 24 February , president's day of election.

"I want people from Sergeant and, in particular, to vote very much and to defend their vote," said rapporteur Thiate, a member of the movement, saying that the security votes for The authorities take "all essential steps" citizens to "not be included in violence and distress".

He spoke at the launch of a news conference, a prelude to the "Wallu Askan Wi" day that was recorded for Thursday at Douta Seck at the House, Culture.

"This day + Wallu Askan wi + (part of the French citizen) which includes the different candidates that runs, to take a tour across the day and interaction with the citizens of Senegalese lambda, "the secretary of the organization is very tight, Alioune Sané.

The aim of this meeting is to "allow the lambda citizen of Senegalese to be the cheaper, student, and local woman, the trader, to be able to interact with the applicants about their concerns. ; at the Senegalese, "he said. identified.

Accordingly, all applicants, except for President Macky Sall, have already received permission. "We sent all the applicants we received and gave them the agreement but only the Benno Bokk Yaakaar fellowship candidate who had all the documents through his colleagues, "he said.

According to Alioune Sané, the "good thing" would be that "every candidate in the host will be involved", to allow the citizens in particular, "without Certainly to be clarified according to choice ".

"There is no debate between the Wallu Askan Wi + programs that are between candidates," said a spokeswoman, and inside, inside, Fadel Barro, refers to the statement on the National Council of Directors & Audiovisuel (CNRA) on the & # 39; Preventing to organize any debate between applicants at this stage of the campaign.

"The NRAA should encourage this type of debate to encourage world-wide commitment," and "to show more light on the Senegal's the candidates' proposals," said Barro.

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