The Voice 8: Mika bent on the front of the teens Gjon's and astriar, Jenifer sulked!

On Saturday, 9 February, 2019, Jenifer, Soprano, Mika and Julien Clerc's new coach that started the 8th season of The Voice on IT1. As a tradition says, each coach has tried to attract the most beautiful French voices to his team when listening to dance.

In memory, a new rule is going to & # 39; look at this new season. This allows coaches, during blind checks, another star of the program to "block" to prevent it from a # 39; hire Talent when it costs. He is grateful to three buttons that are in front of us that our stars will be able to compete with the co-competitive coach they want to choose from time to time to stop them … Indeed, they can not but use this block once with a coach.

If you missed this special display, this item contains you …

Minutes 9 February, 2019.

Gage: Every night long – Lionel Richie

Gage is 42 years old and arriving from Montreal. It is unknown and its name to the French since the singer has already succeeded records A few years ago (it was a gold record!), he was doing a & # 39; first part of Corneille. In 2012, he stopped everything: after an earthquake in Haiti, he wanted to be closer to his family. He is back because he thinks he still has a lot. He hopes the coaches will be turned, and & # 39; including Soprano he met …

Looking at the coaches, Gage will start Every night long Lionel Richie. From the first pounds, Soprano will turn around. All coaches are stated: Jenifer, Julien Clerc and Mika are converting. Julien Clerk likes the voice that is under his control and does not give him a feeling in the voice show. Jenifer enjoyed Gage's voice sound. "I want to work with you"she said.

bet decide to be involved in a team Mika.

Deoch Gjon: Christine – Christine And Her Majesty

Dejo Gjon is 20 years old and comes from Switzerland. He started singing thanks to his grandfather who wanted to sing a song by Elvis Presley. In front of his grandfather's tears, the young man thought he had a great power. Gjon wants to go to the end of his reverence. "I throw everything"he says, before going on a platform, his grandfather is in the front row to watch this show!

Looking at the coaches, Dejo Gjon is a? Sit behind a pirate and start a resume Christine. A very sweet piano version, which first mentions Mika, then Jenifer … but the display is a # 39; start with the siege! In front of the young man's high notes, the public and coaches are blown away. Soprano and Julien Clerc convert their turnover. "Blessed, what is good"Nikos re-answers."You're a real thing"said Julien Clerk.

Dewar Gjon to decide to & # 39; take part Mika it too.

Laureen / I came to tell you that I'm leaving – Serge Gainsbourg

Laureen is 18 and she comes from the southern part of France. The girl, who always has a hatch, has been on the # 39; retired in the past … She had made a signature in a large record company to release a record but last issues did not happen. Scalded, Laureen has let his army … Today, she is amazed at her father (who is present in the audience) by " Come on the platform without warning! She wants to show her that she has not been donated and she is getting stronger.

Looking at the coaches, Laureen looks beautiful; start I came to tell you that I'm leaving. Seeing her to go ashore, her dad does not; Believing his eyes in the audience and tears are rising rapidly. On the coaches side, the rendezvous is successful. Jenifer and Julien Clerc appear very quickly, along with Soprano and Mika at the end of her. attainment. It's a hard carton! "You have a stamp apartJenifer told his voice to raise him.

Laureen decide to be involved in a team Julien Clerc.

Acting / Mac Daddy – Vianney

Clement has been 24 years old and has arrived from Corsica. He's been fortunate already The Voice Two years ago, unfortunately, a coach had not been turning back to Christophe Maé. Just a while before examining, Clement used the drama that lost his father and was removed with the feeling. "It was a cure for me but it was too early"He recognizes that he is now returning with a lot of advanced energy and much more knowledge.

Looking at the coaches, Clément a & # 39; begin to be achieved without music. There is a need for religious rainfall and between two lines of text, Mika and Jenifer are going around. Two lads later, Soprano and Julien Clerk will accompany her. game long while not & # 39; first chorus of pronunciation. How successful! Mika tells Clement that he is one of the best scenes he has seen in his six seasons as a coach. "You're UFO, thank you for being here", scattered Soprano.

Clement to decide to & # 39; take part soprano.

Mayeul / believers – Imagine Dragons

Mayeul is 26 years old and is a school supervisor. He makes music passionately and largely rap. It started at age 18. This species likes because the texts directly affect people. Mayeul is also enjoying sport because he is a " allowing him to be shaped on the stage. "I'm a showman, I just want to go! I can not wait!", it is proof before going on a platform.

Looking at the coaches, Mayeul will go to the coaches. Give everything away from the first seconds. Soprano and Jenifer are directly packed and benefit the benefit. Mika wants but he finds out that he has no chest on the siege. At the end, Mika and Julien Clerc do not have a & # 39; turned around. Soprano estimates that the Talent has its words on verses. "You accept the & # 39; folklore, that's interesting", funny Jenifer.

Mayeul decide to be involved in a team soprano.

Agathe / I'd better get Blind out – Etta Seumas

Agathe is 26 years old and arrives from Toulouse.

From the first pounds, Jenifer is very pleased … this is his favorite style! His revival on Etta James is very clean, the coaches are even packed even though they do not appear up. Mika, a bit funny, will use the season's news and "Jenifer" blocks so she can not attract her. Jenifer does not understand as long as they are. play, turn around, and it does not; see her the red light around her. Mika does not have a smile. It will be necessary to wait for the joy at the end of the performance to perform the singer. Prior to that, Julien Clerc and Soprano had also appeared.

Agathe to choose to enter Mika.

Dollie / Me, my own and me – G-Eazy & Baby Rexha

Poupie is 20 years old and arrives from Lyon. It is described as growing, generous and unstable. She admits she is not always in a good frame … Before going on a platform, Nikos sends a messenger message with a good friend who is always at her. believe there. Tonight, inside The Voiceshe really wants "generously spread his music. "

Looking at the coaches, Cave is a? begin to achieve it with enthusiasm. In the first high notes, the young man drew Jenifer and Soprano yesterday. Mika says she is a fan but does not turn. When the halves come in Spanish, Mika and Julien Clerk will behave well. Poupie performs the show and the four coaches stand! "It was heavy"Soprano, Jenifer, who has a ZERO talent in his own team brings 1000% for himself, goes on to platform to Poupie, preventing Mika speak … Jenifer was doing the show!

poupie to select a decision at his team at a & # 39; camp and fall on it Jenifer. The coach is happy!

Shaun / Sweat – Celine Dion

Shaun is 24 years old and works as a singer in a Paris restaurant. He lived in Martinique and Guadeloupe, returned to France at the age of 11 and was difficult to go to. link in. He closed himself completely. Fortunately, the music was always for him and allowed him to restore her hair gradually. After the university, Shaun started the gospel and wanted to be in front of the stage. "I'm ready! I'm scared that I'm really excited as part of my feelings", Shaun scattered.

Looking at the coaches, Shaun is start with his draft Sweat from Celine Dion. His version moves a lot. In the middle of its performance, due to the fear of the stage, the candidate can not sing more … It will be built up a few seconds later, with the help of the audience, and finally Julien Clerc and Mika returning to the border. Beauty happy end !

Shaun you decided to go on Julien Clerc.

Sgioba Summary

Julien Clerc: Laureen, Shaun

Jenifer: Uamh

Mika: Gjon & Tears, Gage, Agathe

Soprano: Clément, Mayeul

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