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The young actress-dancer "Nighean" holy to Magritte of a Belgian cinema

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Brussels (AFP)

Victor Polster, a 16 year old presenter, Belgian dancer and actress Lara playing in "Nighean", was played as the best actor at the Magritte Film Awards Saturday, an annual reception of a Belgian cinema run by "Our Battles", the best film.

"Nighean", who is at the latest at the Cannes Film Festival, and public success and criticism of a Belgian cinema in 2018, tells a story about a young man, who was ready to carry all his suffering as a star dancer .

Flamish director Lukas Dhont won three other awards, with three other awards: Best Screen Screen, Best Film Flemish Film, and Best Actress for Arieh Worthalter, who plays a little father and careful Lara.

Lukas Dhondt, who has been on stage several times, has dedicated his first prize to the one who inspired the film, Nora. He had found his story in a Belgian newspaper in 2009.

He also asked to support a Brussels-based organization that hosted LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-lingual and transgender) young people with a family; bankruptcy. "Their work is very important," said the director.

In the number of prizes, it was only crossed by "Girl" by Guillaume Senez Franco-Belgium (40 years), with five prizes including best film, best guidance and the best role for women.

This film describes how his father (made up of Romain Duris) a & # 39; See his life sadly by leaving his wife, together with killing himself a colleague.

Lena Girard Voss, 7, one of the film's children, won the Women's Best Award platform, one of the most important at night.

Lubna Azabal, a 45-year-old Belgian actress, killed by André Téchiné and Tony Gatlif, was named as her best actress for her role in "Killers ", furniture on the world of vans.

Directed by Belgian creators of the "Striptease" cultural festival, the film "Ni Judge nor Submissive" was crowned as Best Recognition. It looks at the master's job that's & # 39; Brussels, Anne Gruwez, with her campaigns and her raw language.

This documentary is one of the ones announced for César 2019 on February 22, just like the "Girl" who competes for the best movie.

At Cannes 2018, Lukas Dhondt won his or her "Chaméra" (or her first film). A "Girl" was also awarded by the Queer Palm, who gives a movie for a & # 39; altersex subject management.

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