Top Chef 2019: who was the candidate who was erased from his / her fourth program?

The fourth program of Top Chef 2019 was broadcast Wednesday, February 27 on M6. At the end of this menu, an applicant has been deleted. Find out who it is!

As every week since the tenth siege of the First Chef was launched, an applicant must leave the tournament. Wednesday, February 27th, he is Anissa who had to bring back a gift. The 26-year-old man did not know how he would swim at the timefinal chance test. Then the person who was part of the Jean-François Piège brigade (na Greens) needed to face Guillaume and Damien. During this final, b & # 39; Their purpose is a & # 39; a & # 39; bins sink. Despite a very imaginative recipe: a beetle slippery; butterfly, pear and tartar beetot, a beetot mousse with a bright white and green, Anissa been abolished.

He could not do it; A young woman from Nantes to have her tears when the product was announced. "I'm really excited that I have been disappointed, CEO"she told Jean-François Piège, with tears of eyes. However, the latter wanted her to give her mind, and confirmed that he was proud of that. "It's hard, because the things that she has brought through the very important events, my dream, I think we're really sorry.". Continuing to the final test, Anissa it was very good "Sàrachail". "I did not", then named the Top Chef 2019, before falling into tears.

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