Two large bicycle parking centers in Paris since 2019!


We want a green home, where we breathe, a town where it would be nice walking around, we want to reduce traffic to make room, small, bike and Paris walkers . Yes, but a bicycle in Paris often means stealing or refusing. But candles are good news! To address the growth of its capital bicycle, there will be two secure parking; Seeing the day in Montparnasse and Gare de Lyon.

Parking spaces from 300 to 1000 places

It's good news for our cycling sweets! From November 2019, 600 sets was installed in the Montparnasse poles (Raoul-Dautry spot) then 400 other places next year. On the side of Van-Gogh Street, at Gare de Lyon, 3 places of 300 places built. The first one will be born at the end of next year. A good case!

Paris City

Bicycle boxes closed from 5 to 10 bicycles

" In the summer of 2019, the village expects to be available 500 places in secure boxes "Christophe Najdovski, the transport assistant, said. Fast shelves are accessible by subscription (8 to 10 € per month) and placed on the public road.

Bicycle box protocol in Paris

Are we finally on the road to dodo bike (drink) work ? Case following …

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