Very strong Khalifa Sall Alliance

Khalifa Sall's decision was very much anticipated, as many candidates considered his support. Announcing his support for Idrissa Seck, Taxawu's headman has just returned his final platform to his alliance. Another choice of candidate would have asked more questions and estimating.
However, there is no wonder if this arrangement can be certain, and if Khalifa Sall goes, as it is. President Abdoulaye Wade, capped the capability of his camp. Everyone knows that he gave a long time, because he hoped that the ECOWAS Justice Court "would" express its claim "by expressing it. Some of his relatives also stated that the homeowner of Baile Dacar was waiting, before making a decision, that a Court had a court; ECOWAS Justice decided its appeal and therefore did not want to take any place on the four challenges to President Macky Sall.
In babies too, leaving Khalifa Yesterday is a debate and a. Encouraging wonder why he did not stay for 20 February, day of consideration, before supporting him. And some of the lieutenants did not wait to take devolution. So, Bamba Falls went to tell Khalifa's decision to take part, and Barthélemy Dias had often appeared with Ousmane Sonko, and it seems that it is very close to analysis. There were a number of other rulers of Dakar's master, too long, to take their liberty and opened "Macky" doors. In these terms there is still a Stalin question: "Khalifa, how many sections?"
If he wants to influence the control of Idrissa Seck, Khalifa is still interested in showing his friendship that he is able, more than other achievements, voices to give it, not just in the & # 39; horizontal of Dakar. In the current situation, it is a big challenge.
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