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Vienna: Sadistic methods at the Ballet Academy – World

Staatsoper (State Opera) in Vienna was prosecuted by Wednesday afternoon after suffering severe ill-treatment of Austria's leading Falter publications.

Founded in 1771, this academy is home to over 110 students aged 10 to 18 years old, and is one of the best entries in Europe and draws entries from all over the world. all around the world.

But behind the ordering of the golden outfit, it is worthy of the "19th century," reporting after thorough examination.

Blowing, humbling and attacking sex is a worthwhile thing to give to this institution by examining the prosecutors who are especially protecting miners, highlighting in the weekly magazine of Fridays.

Staatsoper, French director Dominique Meyer, confirmed this information, noting that the principal teacher involved had been disqualified in January. He said he wanted "to put a light on the situation".

Fever in blood

The woman, whose name is not published, is of a Russian origin and has used sadistic methods, according to Falter, which point his point with a picture showing young ballerina feet.

According to the former Serbian dancer Gabriele Haslinger, with the interview with the newspaper, this teacher introduced Vienna to "Soviet training methods and tsarist prescription".

As well as the beats, the scratches, the pins, drawing hair, students have been naturally talking about the body and some have fallen into anorexia, called Falter, which takes the form of blubber. noted that there is a lack of intellectual direction and diet at a Academy.

A call for two years' order

Mr Meyer has apologized for ORM on public television for some years, showing that he had called the applicant back for the first time two years ago. “I'm taking the blame for not having committed it earlier,” he said.

These allegations are combined with that pupil from one of the teachers, which was sent away as a result of the research findings.
On its website, Ballet Academy ensures that “the particular attention to the physical and emotional well-being of students” is “a good environment for learning”.

The scandal has damaged Mr Meyer's table at the head of the Staatsoper, leaving him the following year after ten years as head of the institution. The French want to guide Opera Opera.

Ballet Vienna Academy is proud to have their graduates visit the world's largest groups, like the Royal Ballet, the Kirov or American Ballet Theater. (Psalm / nxp)

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