Wade and Sonko added to each other!

A meeting between Ousmane Sonko and the former president Abdoulaye Wade, who took place in a hotel in the square, has just come to an end. Interview between the two men divided by their cooperators who did not reveal their entirety. But what needs to be remembered for the time, with one of the parties, the leader of Pastef, finds that the conversations are against her & # 39; election process and failure – There. A criminal conviction question was also met by Karim Wade. In this regard, Ousmane Sonko affirms that they have a close connection with the & # 39; Democratic Party of Senegal, because he considers that the conditions under which applications have not been properly re-registered.

In terms of a possible partnership with the PDS and its director, the Sonkopresident candidate will say "was not on the agenda". Despite this, the old Tax Examiner has made it clear that he does not support the Senegal Democratic Party. Ousmane Sonko also commented on his fight against the system. Depending on the man, not only those who are destroyed but who are doing habits.

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