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Wolfgat, a small restaurant in a remote area of ​​South Africa, was named "restaurant per year" Monday in Paris with World Food Awards, a new level that wants to increase the diversity of the scenery internationally.

Kobus Van der Merwe's cook was a 20-seat restaurant that started cooking at the age of 30, Given a very poor and nasty idea of ​​local food; make bread and butter itself.

The Wolfgat – whose staff, most women, training have not had formal training, opened two years ago in a 130-year-old cottage in a cave on Paternoster Beach on his / her; west coast, 150 km from Cape Town.

Seven floors for 53 euros

"I do not feel it is worthy of it, and they are my partners, who are going out every day to gather gatherings, nobles and spies that should be This … Their child is. I can not wait to be celebrated with them with a huge glass of wild wildlife in South Africa, "said AFP's 38-year-old chef.

Wolfgat is located on an incredible beach which provides mussel and local outlets, but also attractive plants and herbs; Growth in the dunes, such as wild, spicy, and indigenous eagles such as slogans. It is also provided in the "On-Map Destination" section (outside the main tourist paths).

The seven-course menu covers 53 barley. Kobus Van der Merwe, who had his philosophy, said "to minimize the potential of the materials and serve them that are real, non- comfortably. "

Diversity in the scene

The jury made his choice from 36 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe. And set up a winner in each of the 18 selected divisions, including "specialty house" or "keeper" (from street food to cosmopolitan sheltered food, for smaller budgets) , or other stories such as a year-old chef without tattoos.

The cinematographic ritual was made with red-tape and jackets with the name of the winner in each section that opened up famous celebrities of animation by Antoine de Caunes who gave several times a Caesar reception.

"We designed these different types and we chose our jury members to clarify the excellence of restaurants of all shapes, colors and colors, and to encourage debate to go well beyond the most popular general names and destinations, "said Joe Warwick, a creative director of World Restaurants Awards, a co-founder of the" 50 Best Foods in the World ".

The French got an award –

Two French restaurants were won: Le Clarence (two Michelin star), in Paris, is located in an impressive hotel next to Champs-Elysées, in the "original approach", and La Mère Brazier de Lyon , also two relics in 1921 by Eugénie Brazier who had trained Paul Bocuse, such as "classics without time".

The votes were cast by a 100 ball jury, with 50/50 gender equality of prominent leaders such as Elena Arzak, Alex Atala, Massimo Bottura, David Chang, Hélène Darroze, and René Redzepi as well as journalists and opponents .

The Mocoto restaurant with cassava based experts in Sao Paulo, Brazil is far from the best tourist areas in the "unprotected" category. The Recipe restaurant was opened in Japan by Thomas Frebel, who was the leader of Noma's research and development team, the best "year-old novel" restaurant. (AFP / nxp)

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