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The former Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh, who was Head of Police, was over Nguyen Thanh Hoa to create the conditions for Nguyen Van Duong to make a complaint. He is a person in Phan Van Vinh who has a full and dull situation but does not; implement measures to prevent, fight and execute; fight against high tech crime to give special effects to society. Understanding that RikVip CNC, and Tip.Club games are not currently available, there are currently gambling games for long-distance gaming.

The program said, Phan Van Vinh does not go to; Outcomes the liabilities of drinking alcohol. During the investigation, Phan Van Vinh published. At the test, however, the accused Phan Van Vinh was uncertain of the behaviors and said he worked indirectly; It is not an imposition of an authority that is just anxious behavior. Therefore, the invalid right is not desirable for the passive situation to prove very good, except for the situation that is regrettable under section 2 of Article 51.

In addition, the person who left Phan Van Vinh went down with his work, Phan Van Vinh has many achievements in the struggle for political security and social security, he received the title and many Qualifications value, wound itself 2/4.

In addition, a mother who is accused of Van Van Vinh is also a valued person who should be released at these two events.

Based on the crimes mentioned above, the Quest suggested the Panel to say to the defendant Penn Van Vinh penalty 7 to 7 years and 6 months for crime to disturb his position and powers in his & her; fulfilling its duty. Delivery to the VND 245 billion Group and four cars.

Nguyen Van Duong (pictures), The Chairman of CNC Corporation was the culprit of "Group of gambling" and "silver vowel".

Duong led the team in gambling and led the CNC Corporation's group, causing adverse impact. Duong had not become more susceptible to instigating situations, but as a result of his lack of money, he was not informed of the emergency situation that was over 245 billion VND.

Therefore, the procurator asked the Court to have the two crimes described above, fourteen to nine years imprisoned for "gambling organization", three to four years for "money-cleansing", a combination of both. There are penalties between 11 and 13 years. In addition, the money must be retained, Duong's illegal income salary includes 1.655 billion; To continue to drag or to # 39; Investing the property, and frustrating the accused's accounts to ensure that his / her; judgment was executed.

Phan Sao Nam Nam (pictures), formerly a director of a VTC online company, has allowed taxes to be filed against the "program gambling" and "glacier".

In terms of gambling behavior, Phan Sao Nam started working on RikVip, and Tip.Club games to get an illegal benefit of 1,475 billion dong.

About money rubbish, Phan Sa Nam has transferred 382 billion to relatives, investment projects and estate. In particular, $ 3.5 million was emigrated by Phan Sao Nam.

At present, the Pan Sa Nam Monitoring Group captures more than 1,086 billion; A contract has been made with 13 estate contracts, four cars that provide more than 249 billion. So far, Sao Nam Phan has paid over 1,335 / 1,475 billion of illegal income, which reaches 90.7%.

Program makers who did not have large settings; affect Sao Sao Phan. After loose conditions, Phan Sao Nam enjoyed the following situations: a & # 39; Effective impact on the effects, solve an amazing idea, work with the & # 39; the monitoring body.

Therefore, the People's Priority for the Phu Tho country, Phan Sao Nam, must behave between prisons 3 to 4 years in terms of "organizing gambling" costs; 3 years for "Reducing money". Amount of two penalties, Sao Sao Nam must be 6-7 years imprisonment. In addition, Phan Sao Nam needs to pay a total of 1.475 billion.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa said "I do not know that a CNC company has organized"

* Nguyen Van Duong does not have time, grip activity, money back

* Phan Sao Nam believes to be a partner of CNC

* Quarantine Nguyen Van Duong, queried by Luu Thi Hong

* Effective supporters for Nguyen Van Duong gambling leaders and Sao Nam Nam

* Acknowledging that the "screen company" should be very comfortable

* Problems trouble: the more money the player is missing, the biggest

* Begin to question the guardians in trillions of gambling

* How do Nguyen Van Duong and Sao Nam Phan get their benefits and? carrying cash rubbish?

* Phan Van Vinh and 91 co-founders in a trillion gambling test

* Thirty-three trillion cases online case in Phu Tho

* Level 1 Action has a strong power

* Begin to question the guardians in trillions of gambling

* Initial survey of the trillion gambling cases

* Management for managing a case: "Making a complaint, complaining, fraud, cash call"

* Crime, arresting guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa about taxes "to set up a gambling"

* Poverty on the People's Police title, arresting the defendant Phan Van Vinh

* Confirm more people involved in gambling problems

* It is suggested that 95 accused would be made in trillions of a online billing bill

* Establish a company to protect the game of game game trillions

* Set up five companies to set up a gambling and a & # 39; illegal purchase of invoices

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