Sepsis treatment may have a new barrier


Researchers have developed anti-inflammatory drug molecule that can lead to better treatments for infections such as sepsis and other infectious diseases.

"We have created a new drug mollusk that hinders success," said the author Thomas Tankay from Karolinska Institutet san S-Suain.

The search has resulted in many years of research by the Helleday group on how the body repairs DNA.

When I was in & # 39; The development of a new molecular to prevent the engine causing the oxygen damage to the DNA was found by the researchers, surprisingly, that it also destroyed the light.

The OGG1 enzyme, as well as the DNA repair, appears to also be a & # 39; abolish bullying.

The inhibitor prevents the release of the inflammatory protections, such as TNF alpha, the study published in the Science magazine.

In exams of mice with worm behavior, the researchers continued to grind her / her; disease.

Researchers found that the inhibitor works in a way that is different from other anti-inflammatory drugs currently available and may also help to prevent our own protection system to attack itself in situations such as sepsis, defamatory sclerosis, crohn disease and other non-passive problems.

Combination is the process where the body's white blood cells protect you from disease, such as bacteria and viruses.

However, in some cases, the protection system prevents a weak response when there is no disease for fighting. This causes a normal defensive system to dispose of its own vines.

"When oxygen management in our cells is wrong, we can harm our DNA and respond to our response system," said Helleday, who is also associated with Sheffield University in Britain.

"Our defense system is our defense tool that usually attacks the attack from the" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" It's our source of protection. .

"Preventing a barrier is capable of removing this response significantly and we are delighted to develop our research to see what we can only reduce their disease already in other areas of the body, but completely ban the ax.

"This would allow new, effective contracts for diseases that threaten life as a sepsis," said Helleday.


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