"1 of 5 million" and in Bela Crkva, Graanica, G. Milanovac

In Bela Crkva, the second "One of Five Million" complaint was held. The complaint was also held in Graanica and Gornji Milanovac.

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Photograph: Tanjug / Jaroslav Pap

Photograph: Tanjug / Jaroslav Pap

About two hundred citizens were gathered in the village park in the White Church, and after that they put a hundred years on to the # 39; Main Street, where they blocked traffic for a short time.

"A feeling of fear and fear, he says 200 people are on the streets in the White Church," said reporter Stefan Cvetkov.

Serbia's heroist Yugoslav, Srbislav Rakovi, who is a Serbian warrior in the struggle for freedom and the face of fidelity on the streets in Serbia.

The citizens would pour into the media, and # 39; Talk to the music and its; carrying Serbia and Vojvodina flags.

The next question is scheduled for Saturday, 16 February at 6pm.

The "One in five million" campaign was set up in Graanica, and the partners started their collection in front of a station; police in the middle of that town, recites Kossev.

Message commissioner Branislav Markovi, blogger, video message message for Kosovska Mitrovica citizens who took part in the Saturday interviews, and Kossev, who inspired the reagents, invited him to Citizens were gathered in Graanica when he was complaining.

Among the people gathered in Graanica there are several metha Goradevac, and large program organizers in Kosovska Mitrovica, Marko Jai and Dejan Nedeljkovi, university professor Rada Trajkovi, also participate. The complaint is followed by twelve media teams.

Partners and organizers of the "One in five million" campaign in Graanza want the authorities in Serbia to find consumers and killers Oliver Ivanovia and everyone is entitled to think free, and the officials of Seraba questioned "that means divorce".

Around 500 citizens of Gornji Milanovac complained about a "five-million crowd" protest, trying to release their president Serbia Aleksandar Vuji and local authorities.

A free trade shift leader, Sergei Trifunovi, sent the population into a patient, because the head of the country will not be done until spring, but they need to "give it for two years, patiently and slowly".

"They're asking me – who is for him, but we do not come to a fight, Sergei Trifunovi, Bill Clinton or someone else, we are struggling to make a system where everyone can be a president, and that experts organize the system to work formally "Trifunovi said.

He thanked Gornji Milanovac people for their complaint on Saturday, ask them not to "do that" again, not for anyone, or for Sergei Trifunov. "

"People and politicians must change you, and not," said Trifun to the citizens saying they should not turn off meetings.

During the speech, Trifunovia attacked a man, but the debate was not followed later, and there were no other events.

At the "One in five million" complaint in Gornji Milanovac, the Milanese writer wrote her; Miketi crann for the citizens.

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