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A new problem for Real: Varan is thinking of leaving

A new problem for Real: Varan is thinking of leaving

Just when you're back Zinedine Zidana a new page was turned in Real Madrid and when the numbers were re-used by the team from the previous few seasons, the Royal Club faces a new challenge.

Rafael Varan thinking about leaving.

French Lekip tonight as information only Varanoi deciding when the future of kelp is under threat. Referring to wells near a player, the French diary writes that the situation is Varanov more complex status than this means. Till Zidana Certainly it is more likely the Real is a French stranger, but the player is the only decision.

Varan he has a contract to 2022 in Madrid and Real can hypothesise that he would keep it. However, a player would not be very useful to anyone Varanova The market price is very high so that Real can make a profit from that.

Varan he came to Real as a 18 year old from Lance French. He was then a step away from the Manchester United sign as a good request Aleksa Ferguson, everything was agreed, but there is one phone call Zinedina Zidana everything changed. Zizu, the chief executive of Real Madrid, then went to take it Varana Real, and since then they have a special relationship. Once complete Zidan and he got the coach for the first team, t Varan he had started like a stop Kraljevičaand he has it for him Zidan they decided not to extend the contract Pepe.

However, summer events have fallen Varana. The coach then Lopetegi He managed to return home after a break after the influence of Mundial and wasn't finished enough to get into the crew. Varan The team often associate with team colors and were not at the game level as the code Zidana i Renaissance.

That is why Varan He has been thinking about the future for several months and has refused applications for an extension to his contract. It is uncertain if he should continue his career in Madrid or need a new challenge. After eight sessions and 14 awards, there was some flexibility. It's only 25 years old and he thinks of another big challenge as he worries that the Real has come to the end of a trip. He often stated in interviews and interviews that he is keen on the challenges, and that he is afraid he will make no further progress. Through many years he will have been able to make a career move and write history in another big club.

It is almost certainly the most expensive defender in history if he wanted to leave this summer and Real would agree to sell it. so far Van Dajkov a register of 84 million euros would have gone out of business Varanova it is estimated that about 100,000,000 euros are market values. There are not many clubs that can afford that, and Manchester United is having an impact on the medium as it may be.

They wanted when he was a teenager, that interest has never been stopped, and since this year the Red Devils have benefited a great deal from a stop situation. It may have been late that the move would be there. Currently Varan is not yet broken and thinks about what should be done.

Zidanov return to Santiago Bernabeu increase your chance for Real resolution to be solved successfully. At the end of the season what should be known is what it is Varan for sure.

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