ABA Finals – The stars of the future set!

Better than this, fans of the Red Star
they could not ask after half as well
in the game against Buducnost. Below is a wonderful organization
hospitality, major edition of the Future, enough for 91:72 and 1: 0 in
series for the Red Star.

He began with two sets of Bitadze, and the Star got a reply through this
The smell was very good in the first half. He was having a problem
home crew were attacked, but Davidov sent out the crew to another team
an increased explosion from the display areas when Faye struck the treesome for
13: 8.

Thanks to your big defense game, the future was able to return
And their side effects would be beneficial
end of first.

They had 6 and 6 times several times, so Beron and Odo did it
Preserved the Red Star in life, and then in the last three
Tomic's team went into a basket
The future.

The most important thing about the three Filip Čović, then points
Leaded combs, plus points for +3 Dobric for the Crvena side

We also saw a lot of movement, we supported Beron, and broke again
Final 45:42 in the first half.

Particularly improved the introduction of the far better game of the Red Star
The wonders for Milan Tomic were like them
painted in two pieces of Billy Beron, as well as a three-storey fireman
Good for the end of the season and a big advantage of Red Star from

The final section begins with Rivers presenting something
Organizing better at the end of the game than in the previous one
In the course, then there were +15, and Podgorica
they paused when they put down their weapons

The main time of the game is the first three of Branko Lazic from the corner
5 minutes to complete, then the Rivers three times for +20 (80:60) t
when the winning case was resolved. t Beron has been talking to the competitors for the competition
84:61, everything was normal to the end.

Tonight Beron 19 points, Dobric 12, Cirbes were good with 9
points and 6 reubounds, as well as Covic with 8 points and 6 help. Code
The points are currently 18 points, others are much longer than their own

The star was given from 1: 0, when the first three winners of the ABA arrived
league and play Euroleague next season.

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