After making a plan, one of them went out for a necessary clerk and sent them to United!

Benfica football players Joao Felix and Ruben Dijas are required
large number of clubs.

Manchester United has a great interest in the couple, he saved
offer for their Benfica services, more generous than.

Felicans is searching for
Vulvsia, which has "installments in the top"
, as well as Juventus, a
Earlier it was thought Juve was also interested in Ruben
Dijasa, he knows he'll look for a young defense, who he will give him
instead of ancient Kjelini and Barzagli in the last line.

They seem to have been really bitter for talented defender, but
and that they are closer to his signature of Felix.

That is, the sports director made the "Old Lady" Fabio Paratići
Speaking with President Benfica Luis Filipe Vieira,
They talked about the two, but they talked about what is possible
crossing Diana to Turin.

For the state, Juve is ready to offer one of his players, at
It is the question of Croatian representative Marko Pjaca, who is currently
game loaned in Fiorentina.

We see if they are interested in Benfica for the previous player
Zagreb Dinam and how much this could be reduced

The president of Orlova has recently shown that he does not sell himself
Young toys under the publication conditions found in their ones
contracts, which is definitely not good news for Juve.

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