Are you always tired? Can't get some sleep? Make sure you are suffering with this VIDEO illness

You don't get sleep, you are always tired, you don't have too much weight, make sure you are suffering from apnea blindness, a disease that makes up 70% of the hurry.

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Photo: Depositphoto

Instead of relaxing at sleep time, closing takes place in the highest, slow airway and the breath participant. These events can last for a few seconds. There is no air. A person has a breathing breath, he tries to breathe, but the only way to overcome this situation is to demean, she explained the brain scientist Dr Tanja Radosavljevic in the exhibition TV First "First".

The weight of the apnea black is counted by the number of breath breaks that cause falls in the oxygen. There are up to five violations per hour, between five and 15 lightweight, from 15 to 30 medium intervals, and more than 30 heavy. Practitioners said the illness is found with the help of a similar device by which the patient sleeps.

If someone has a sleep problem just when they are sleeping on the back, they have some routine treatments – the patient can catch a tennis ball which will cause them to lie down. on the side in a sleep. Heavy forms of apnea slip require breathing apparatus in place of the patient.

Because of this disease, there are many problems with the time – on the blood vessels, then it affects high blood pressure, sugar, glaucoma, difficulty putting up … people are asleep, they are well t sleepy, they can be dangerous in driving, all sleeping. It is thought that the apnea slip caused 30 per cent of traffic accidents in which the driver fell asleep while driving.

Dr Novak Vukoje, ORL expert, pointing out that more than 50 per cent of visitors cannot enter through their nose properly. This may be caused by the increase in the cause, allergies, nasal septum body, polyps, bivalve molluscs. When this is sorted, it gets 20 per cent higher in quality of life, he said.

Dr Vukoje said that more people were hitting, but when they were at their highest level, they got closer to scoring. He also said that there are blue patients underneath because the woman is pushing them with black wounds to stop the cough, and women are complaining about them. It sourced it as a form of Balkan syndrome.

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