Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Audi has two ideas: You can see a 10-year car view

Nemaki Audi has published this year's futuristic ideas.

Audi will give us a future look at car showrooms in Anguja (April 16-25) and Frankfurt (September 12-22).

“We have concepts like the Q4 overhead which are almost ready to be made, and then we have 10 or 15 years old cars, such as Aicon. We have been shown in angel and another in Frankfurt"said Evi Mark Lihte for Autocar.

Lihte was surprised to look through the electronicization of GT and Q4 to create a new generation of designs that emerge in the next three years. However, the concept which promotes next month in China represents a major step forward.

"In the angel you will see the electric vehicle's vision in ten years' time, and you will see the next step in the design, and the concept of independence will set out" Level 4 "that affects external change.and he put to another man the Lihte: t

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