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Banz Veljko Raznatovic and Bogdan Rodic

Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic began preparing for her son's wedding Veljko Raznatovic, married a year ago to Bogdan Rodic footballer. It is thought that traditional customs will be considered at the wedding, and the other will be killed in an apple.

The young box goes to Rodic's house in Titel after a young woman, then the wedding and wedding wedding of 500 guests held in Belgrade.

The singer has already set up his wedding clothes from Paris.

"Ceca is a woman who embraces the customs and traditions. Her son's marriage is the biggest celebration after her wedding with the late Arkan, and she wants all the children to "This will be a hotel in New Belgrade, where Veljko celebrated its birthday," an anonymous well near "Kurir" by Ražnatović, saying "a mother won't save". future law ”.

"Ceca decided to be the most expensive food, to pay 75 euro per person. The food wants to be everyone's food, so food will be Serbia's favorite food, but fish, lambs, fruit and fruit. T , sushi, home baking … The same thing is true for drinks, and one of the most important things is a young cake on many floors, some cakes, cakes and other sweets. with the initials of Veljko and Bogdan, and in the middle of the sale, it will be a huge video clip upon which a short film about Veljko and Bogdani will be freed. "

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