Bill Gates says: These 10 technologies will change the world in 2019

Technology moves forward at a fast pace, and it's a It is increasingly hoped that the additional development will help solve problems with human behaviors such as drug detection for a variety of diseases, fight climate change, and so on. Renewable technologies and changes that may affect planetary nutrition can be expected this year, according to Bill Gates.

Source:, cnet

Photograph: Getty Images

Photograph: Getty Images

Microsoft's founder has identified ten technologies that may change the world in 2019 for the MIT Technology Review.

It's about technology that is very important to the world, but not so popular to the public as part of the others we attend daily.

According to Bill Gates, these are the ten technologies that should improve our lives in 2019:

  • Develop the skills of robots that can be handled and treated by unidentified objects;
  • "New tower" of nuclear energy – design fusion respondents and even to reduce carbon dioxide reduction;
  • Blood tests giving birth notice a pre-child child;
  • Pill or device to slip and so do a biopsy and a & # 39; accelerated investigation;
  • Cancer vaccine bands – help with the immune system to cause tumor cell fighting;
  • Meat meat from substitutes in exchange for meat that reduces the detrimental effects of food industry;
  • Engine for carbon shock of two-oxygen from the air and its "green";
  • ECG tools on hand-held devices – the ability of fasteners to monitor heart level and early warning of problems;
  • Slim slopes without toilet bowl to help fight and ill health;
  • Voice assistants based on "naturally" artificial information to talk to people.

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