BRENA asked what was included with BORA BORE Jovana questioning her, if the singer answered: "I can not stand!"

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Lepa Brena, from Bhor Bora, where she is currently with her family, comes with her; TV program "Prva" and commented on the holidays.

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In a conversation with Jovan Joksimović and Srdjan Predojević, Brena discovered that this historic island was happy, and at one time she asked her hospitality:

– Are you in the sea or in the bath?

"I have to bathe into the sea because I can not stand the ponds," replied Brena.

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Asked when she returned to Belgrade, the singer said:

– I'll be back when the snow is melted, in 5-6 days.

"It's gone," replied Iain with a smile.

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