Brus bez kablovske ispred Marija Lukić o ispitivanju Serbia

S. Babović |

February 28, 2019 00:35

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Five minutes before the "Life Story" broadcast on the case of Marija Lukić "failed" on a cable network

BRUSSELVES 22:00, Cable TV has eradicated in Brussels, which prevents it from going to & # 39; Watch the "Life of the Story" program dedicated to Marija Lukić's case, which was ruined in the opposition against Milutin Jeličić, President of the Brus Municipality, try to pay full costs of harassment and unauthorized species of actions.

– Five minutes before the "Life Story" broadcast, in Brussels, "cable" failed to be on a cable network and citizens could not. first TV. I hope that everything is clearer – she wrote in the publication on Facebook Maria Lukić.

Social network users from this area are advertised with different information on how the signal has been lost, and so it also indicates that the problem is rising when a & # 39 ; Culture, where the recital is lost, but official certificates are still missing. According to unofficial information, the 20-th Brusian group "News" has made a complaint tonight, unhappy with cable TV problems.

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