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CHANGE A & # 39; FILMING AIDS IN HUMANITY: He woke up and said the sentence he sent out on his / her; wind!

He could not handle cancer more, the disease was infected; win, Picture: Printscreen / Facebook

Children should build two years towers for sleeping with the relatives before they slept, they should not be carried to the needles while they were tied to a hospital bed.

But that's a boy's life called Nolan who fought in one big battle.

Nolan had only two years old when he found out that middle cancer was soft. Then the route started to go to the doctor, and endless testing, nights without night, sending out of chemo and his / her; Stopping in touch with others because Nolan was getting sick.

A brave boy has fought for his life for more than a year. After being too ill to eat or drink, he can not stop trying to drink, teasury mother, Ruth Scally, had something wrong with her son.

When they found themselves with an oncologist, they heard the words they made a prayer they should never hear. They have been told that their four-year cancer has spread and even more tunnels are pushed to their; course – this only happened 4 weeks after working on her chest.

He can not handle cancer more. The disease was winning.

After collecting as much as possible, Ruth entered the Nolan room to tell those news. He did not have much life left.

Ruth did not think how to explain her to a son who was happening, she would not be long. He was so young, how would he understand that?

"My: the road, it's hard for you to breathe, is not it?"

Nolan: Well, you … yes.

I'm hurting a lot, is not it a thousand?

Nolan (looking down): Yes.

Me: Pu, this cancer is awful. You do not have to fight it any more.

Nolan (happy): I am not? But I'll fight for you, Mum.

Me: No, Way! Did you do this all this time? He was fighting for mom?

Nolan: Well, indeed.

Me: Nolan, what is my job at my mom?

Nolan: Keep me safe!

Me: a thousand, I can not do it any further here. The only way I can keep you are in Paradise. (My heart broke).

Nolan: So that's … I go to heaven and play until you come! Come, do not you?

Yes I am. You can not get rid of it so easy!

Nolan: Thank you, mom. I'm playing with Hunter and Braille and Henry! "

Ruth and their husband made a Facebook page for a document on the Nolan trip and their families aware of everything that is happening. On that page, Ruth decided to give Nolan a respect for two months after his death died.

Picture: Prints / Facebook

Two months Two months after I left your hands, she heard what his love was with her, he kissed your sweet lips. Two months from the time we cleaned. Two months terrible. "

Share Ruth as Nolan was a soldier true in the last few days of his life. She went through a lot of things and she was astonished at the awful things she should do while her son was pregnant; preparing to enter your parish.

Everything was in place; the name of a letter against the revival was signed. They were watching TV, and # 39; shot from the gun on the water, and Nolan decided to write a message and plan her own funeral.

"We were together in the bed and decided that he wanted to give fun, he chose to spend the person, he wrote what he wanted training people, what he wants to leave us and how he He wants us to remember … indeed, as a police. "

For the last few months of his life, Rut tells of the blessing his son gave. Ruth could not move from him, as it was proven, but she needed fast shelf.

Nelan's brother came and sat down with him, and Nolan turned to the door of the room to watch his mother.

When the door closed, Nolan closed his eyes and sank in deep sleep. When Ruth came out, the doctors were around the bed.

"Rut, in deep sleep. She does not feel anything."

Nolan's right lung was deleted. He let the oxygen supply down and breathed it hard.

He ran to him and went to bed with the promise that she would never let it go. He spoke wisely on his face …

Picture: Prints / Facebook

Then Nolan blessed his mother with a great miracle.

My angel left in, opened his eyes, shouting and said, "I love you, Mom, and turned me into and, at 23:54, Scala died Nolan was beautiful while I was singing in the song "You Are My Sunshine". He woke up and told me with a smile that he loved me. my son went as a hero … He was a hero who was full of respect and love for the latter. "

Ruth wrote that Nolan did much in just four years. Who knows what to live longer.

"I'm scared to flush now. I've ever seen an empty carpet where the boy was right to wait for his mother."

Everyone knows that Nolan was a real ship. Nolan was a hero.



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