Chating crying – showing masochism? VIDEO

Wailing is an unpleasant experience in children, and some people claim that up to 60% of children in childhood show masochism as a result of their emotional problem and their lack of opportunity to eradicate their own vitality, says Biljana Lui.

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Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Adults are sometimes cookies and that lasts for a long time. But if a child is tired of working and affected by health – brushed hair, sharp talons, redness and flesh and disease …

In the "First" TV show, Lui commented that it was necessary to look at the child and see when he works, support her and not criticize it. If the problem lasts for several months, contact a psychologist.

If children click on the nails then they get a taste of being permanent. The child can heal. Our experiences show that he encourages the girls to put a stop to their nails, and we had one boy who fished into the tar and helped her to nails keep upside down, says Rajko Sekuli cosmetician.

She says that it is very good for babies and small children to sheer the bulls properly so that diseases, certain diseases, and bacterial processes are not visible. In the child's teeth, nails are cut into rounded scissors, cut directly, just rounded at the margins. For two years, two and a half years, their nap children can practice with snacks and files, as scissors can lead to breaking into the uniforms, she said.

If it comes to sweat, always praise olive oil. He gets a little warmth and put it on towels. Cut-out cuts should not be treated with alcohol, should result in the addition of hydrogen or urine and flogocite. It's a good word, she said.

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