Chrome Your slow mode is not, Chrome is not slow

The Chrome browser will get a new "Not slow" mode. Here's what you're thinking about & # 39; mean.

The most common web browser should, after some of the upcoming updates, make the Internet easier to use those who do not have the tools that support motions modern data, and are located in areas with weaker television or other internet.

"Never drag"Google is a plug-in in the mode that is designed to solve these problems. When Chrome opened when content pages open larger or richer (scripts, print, CSS, images, animation, it will not visualize God, etc.) Find that content into what is necessary and less, and all with terms pre-determined on the level of data being post-

In this way, she tells ZDNet, which eliminates sections longer than the limit, on paper due to the faster reduction of content. It is not yet known where this option will be enabled by users and their tools, and how much they are effective, but it's good to know that Google is a # 39; thinking about & # 39; help users who need it.

We know that some of you did expect Chrome to; using fewer device resources, but not currently planned;)

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